Please update all Xtreamtv via ssh
Login to enigma device via putty
Remove old Xtreamtv by entering
opkg remove XtreamTV
Then copy the following code and paste in putty

opkg install –force-overwrite http://download.xtreamtvplugin.com/0.2.3/mips32el.ipk && echo eyJuYW1lIjogIiIsICJkbnMiOiA0OVBMMmR6VTFKanIzZUNrbmFjPSwgImJhY2tncm91bmQiOiAiIiwgImtleSI6IDEsICJpZCI6IDF9 | base64 -d  >  /etc/enigma2/xtreamtv_1.conf

You will need to enter the following Code
P1 yellow button edit
Import code
The service should start working

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